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Our egg recipes for breakfast guide

Chopped, sliced or wedged, hard-cooked eggs are the basis of egg salad and add protein and a happy glow to tossed and composed salads and casseroles. Chopped yolks and whites comprise Eggs Goldenrod and Polonaise Sauce. Whole hard-cooked eggs become comforting, familiar deviled eggs or zingy, newly rediscovered pickled eggs.

Simply sprinkled with an herb or more fancily coated in sausage for Scotch eggs, hard-cooked eggs are nature's own hand-held snack food. With a supply of hard-cooked eggs on hand, you're ready for almost any meal occasion.

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Hard-cooked eggs are often incorrectly called hard-boiled eggs. Yes, the cooking water must come to a boil. But, you'll get more tender, less rubbery eggs without a green ring around the yolk and you'll have less breakage if you turn off the heat or remove the pan from the burner, allowing the eggs to cook gently in hot water.

Very fresh eggs may be difficult to peel. The fresher the eggs, the more the shell membranes cling tenaciously to the shells.

The simplest method for easy peeling is to buy and refrigerate eggs a week to 10 days in advance of hard cooking. This brief "breather" allows the eggs to take in air which helps separate the membranes from the shell.

1. Place eggs in single layer in saucepan. Add enough tap water to come at least 1 inch above eggs.

2. Cover. Quickly bring just to boiling. Turn off heat.

3. If necessary, remove pan from burner to prevent further boiling. Let eggs stand, covered, in the hot water about 15 minutes for Large eggs (12 minutes for Medium, 18 for Extra Large.)

4. Immediately run cold water over eggs or place them in ice water (not standing water) until completely cooled. Once cooled, refrigerate eggs in their shells and use within one week of cooking or peel and use immediately.

5. To remove shell, crackle it by tapping gently until a fine network of lines appears all over the shell.

6. Roll egg between hands to loosen shell.

7. Peel, starting at large end. Hold egg under running cold water or dip in bowl of water to help ease off shell.

8. To segment eggs evenly, use an egg slicer or wedger. For chopped eggs, rotate a sliced egg 90 degree in a slicer and slice again. Or chop eggs with a sharp pastry blender in a bowl. Draw down a wedger's wires only partway to open an egg to hold a stuffing or resemble a flower. 


Important Facts About Eggs 

We use eggs in so many recipes. They are a staple in the kitchen.

An egg can be cooked alone – boiled, poached, fried, scrambled. Or used as an ingredient in baking, batters and cakes. Alternatively use an egg to thicken sauces or to add air to lighten dishes.The egg is truly amazing. And without it – well our menus sure would be dull.

But do you know much about the egg?

Chances are that you have never even given it a thought. Well it is time you did.

The most critical aspect of the egg is – it’s air content. (bet you thought I was going to say the shell).

Our delicious deviled egg recipes guideWhen first laid, the egg has barely any air inside a tiny air pocket. However, because the shell is porous, it allows air to penetrate.  And as time passes, air moves inside the egg and the air pocket grows.

As this air pocket enlarges, the moisture in the egg evaporates. So, as the egg gets older the yolk becomes less plump and flatter and the white separates and spreads.

And this all impacts on cooking. Depending on how you intend on using the egg determines how fresh an egg you should use.

If you fry an older egg, you will end with a flat ‘pancake’ instead of a neat rounded egg.

The more stale an egg the more fragile and difficult to separate it will be.

As opposed to the fresh egg, which has a tight and tough inner skin. This makes peeling the shell off the boiled egg very frustrating. As the egg ages with skin relaxes allowing the shell to peel much easier.

If you are lucky enough to have your own hens, then you know how old your eggs are. But what if you have to buy them?

The easiest method of tell how old an egg is, is to put the egg in a dish of water.

- If it sinks and lies horizontally – very fresh.
- If it sinks but tilts slightly – about 1 week old.
- If it sinks but stands vertically – older, stale.
- But if it floats – it’s off and be careful not to crack the shell.

Some people prefer brown eggs and some white. But nutritionally they are the same.

The yolks will also vary in color depending of the diet of the hen.

Do you find your eggs crack when boiling? Well, follow these simple steps to get perfect eggs, every time.

Use 2 week old eggs and ensure they are at room temperature. Make as pin prick in the rounded flat end of the egg – this allows any steam that might build up to escape.

Use as small a saucepan as possible, so the eggs fit in snuggly – you don’t want to much space otherwise they may bounce around and crack.

Bring to the boil but only simmer do not boil vigorously. Follow these tips and your eggs won’t crack.

So, for frying and poaching use as fresh an egg as possible. When the recipe calls for eggs to be separated, use fresh eggs as well. But if you want easy to peel eggs use the older ones. And when it comes to scrambling, fresher is best but older ones will do.


 111 Egg Recipes 

Author of Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book, Philadelphia Cook Book, Bread
And Bread-Making, Many Ways for Cooking Egg etc.

The 111 Egg Recipes book


It's a fact that food just tastes better when cooked the right way. Now with 111 Egg Recipes, even cookers with no experience and who have never cooked anything more complicated than S'mores can make great meals and snacks.

You no longer need to sacrifice eating well just because you are not in your home kitchen.

111 Egg Recipes provides you with 111 delicious, and easy-to-prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are sure to make you a hit around the table. 


Prepare Your Favorate Restuarant egg recipes  

Below are some of the popular dishes you will prepare with the 111 Egg Recipes cookbook:

 Preserving Eggs
 a la Paysanne
 Baked in Tomato Sauce
 en Cocotte
 Eggs en Panade
 To Poach Eggs
 Poached on Fried Tomatoes
 a l'Imperatrice
 a la Livingstone
 Monte Bello
 a la Dauphin
 Deviled Salad
 a la Polonnaise
 a la Russe
 Scrambled with Lettuce
 with Rice and Tomato


Below are some of the tasty recipes you will find inside the 111 Egg Recipes cookbook:

 Egging and Crumbing
 On a Plate
 a la Reine
 a la Trinidad
 a la Martin
 a la Suisse
 Steamed in the Shell
 Egg Pudding
 Eggs Mirabeau
 a la Windsor
 a la Finnois
 with Chestnuts
 a la Bourbon
 To Hard-boil
 a la Tripe
 a la Bennett
 Japanese Hard
 A la Hyde
 Plain Scrambled
 Scrambled with Shrimps
 with Asparagus Tips

And Much Much More!


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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the easiest egg to cook?

Scrambled eggs are both the easiest and the hardest version of eggs to make. There may not be any expert flipping or swirling involved, but one misstep and you could up with something bouncy and rubbery.

What is the best thing to eat eggs with?

Eggs go really well with vegetables. This means that eating eggs is a great opportunity to boost your vegetable intake and add extra fiber and vitamins to your meal. Some simple ideas include adding the vegetables of your choice into an omelet or scrambled eggs, like in this recipe.

What is a baked egg called?

Shirred eggs, also known as baked eggs, are eggs that have been baked in a flat-bottomed dish; the name originates from the type of dish in which it was traditionally baked. Shirred eggs are considered a simple and reliable dish that can be easily varied and expanded upon.