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Name: Rosanna Chandler


Dear State Fair Lover,

Well….the end of summer is upon us; soon kids are going back to school. The greatest showing of the change of seasons is the fact that State Fairs are in full swing.

Here are some cooking tips:

Our recipes for fair or carnival food guideDo you get lumps in your white sauce? When making white sauce (béchamel) or any sauce that requires slow cooking to thicken use an egg whisk and you can increase the temperature (not too much though) to speed the process up.and you wont get any limps in it.

Turn your open barbeque into a gourment oven. Want to try a new barbeque recipe that requires a hood on the barbeque which you may not have.

Try using a wok lid or any domed lid. This works very well indeed. Great for roasted meats when camping out.

Never buy frozen pastry again. Do you hate making short pastry. Use a kitchen whiz instead of the usual hand method. Use slightly less liquid than may be asked for in the recipe.Just run the whiz until all the pastry forms into a ball. If it wont form into a ball you may need just a touch more liquid. The liquid depends on what recipe you use for your pastry.

Do your scones look more like rock cakes ? Make your scones in a kitchen whiz. Many people just can't make scones no matter what. Usually the problem is too much handling. Using the whiz eliminates this problem.

Also try and make your scones as though people or the family are sitting at the table waiting. In other words the less time you take means less handling. The mixture should be quite moist not dry after you add the milk.

Turn onto a well floured board and top a few times with the tips of your fingers to draw the extra four in. This should only take you about 5-8 seconds. Gently pat into shape and cut into whatever shaped scones you want - round or square -whatever.

Scones seem to come out best when cooked in what is variously described as a rising oven. In other words turn your oven on not too long before you start to mix your scones and when they are put in the oven it still has not quite reached the required temperature.

Our traditional fair recipes guide

I learnt this way of making scones when I was used to crew on a yacht when I was younger and the guys would want morning tea and see if they could cajole me into making some. Hence my reference to having a waiting audience. The oven was only a small benchtop gas oven and I would turn it on to its maximum temperature and then throw the flour butter and milk together. They were most impressed and I was most surprised at the result. I was not at all sure of my expertise in scone making as my mother could never make scones - hers were the ones that came out like bullets.

I did later convert my mother into making scones in the kitchen whiz when she was around 65 and she was amazed that she finally learnt to make a scone that was edible.

I might add that scones became a regular morning tea item

Are your curries chewy? Do you have trouble working out if a casserole or curry is cooked. When the oil (fat) rises the dish is cooked. All meat dish casseroles have some fat content and when this is released the meat is cooked.

Are you missing the magic ingredient? Have you ever cooked a curry or casserole and the flavour just needs a little something and you cant quite work out exactly what is needed. Maybe it seems as though the flavours don't quite go together. It is a small intangible ingredient that is lacking. Try a very small amount of sugar and you will be surprised how it seems to blend and mellow the flavours into a more harmonious combination. The flavours will cease to fight against each other.

Our state fair fried foods guideWhoops have you ever slipped with the salt pot when cooking? Have you ever added just a touch too much salt to a recipe. Never add sugar to correct this try a squeeze of lemon juice.

I hate washing roasting pans. Do you like to have roasted potatoes occasionally but hate washing up the pan afterwards. Here is a simple easy method and it uses less fat. Cut each potato with the skin on, in half so that you have the largest cut area. Add a little margarine and spread it on the cut side of the potato. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper if you want.

Place the buttered potatoes buttered side down on a sheet of aluminium foil wrap. Fold the foil and seal. Add to a preheated hot oven 200 degrees centigrade and cook for approx half an hour. When cooked unwrap and gently peel the foil off the potatoes and serve. Throw the foil in the garbage and voila - lovely scrisp roasted potatoes and no mess.


 Mouth Watering Fair Recipes

The Mouth Watering Fair Recipes Book

"Eveybody Love's The Fair,Everyone Love's Fair Food. Now You Can Make The Same Exact Foods That You Can Only Get At The Fair..." 

And of course you have to circle all of the food items that are a must before you can call the day a success.

It never ceases to amaze me that people go to the fair and eat the same fried chicken, corn dogs, and other everyday foods, when there is such a wealth of state fair only things to eat.

 Have you ever had a pork chop on a stick? Please don’t ask me why but the stick makes a different taste. Maybe in the mind only, but definitely different.

With "Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes" You Get Over 100 Delicious and Tranitional Fair Recipes... 


Inside the pages of Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes, you will find delicious and traditional state and county fair recipes as well as a selection of unique variations like:

 Candy-Coated Popcorn (Summer Fair Popcorn)
 All American County Fair Prize Winning Chili
 County Fair Banana Cream Pie
 Fair Funnel Cakes
 Ohio State Buckeye Candy
 Vermont State Police Pears
 Virginia State Peanut Soup
 Empire State Muffins
 Silver State Brownies
 New York State Apple Pie
 State Fair Potato Salad
 A Plus Fair Corn Dogs
 Blazing Brownies
 Caramel Sause
 Spicy Peanut Dip
 Old-Fashioned Sausage and Peppers
 Barbecue Sauce
 Tex-Mex Won Ton Appetizers
 West Virgina State Fair Winning Egg Custard Pie
 State Fair Hot Dog
 State Fair Fresh Lemonade
 State Fair Caramel Corn
 Party Fair Meat Balls
 Mom's County Fair Sweepstakes Winning Lemon Meringue Pie
 Kentucky State Fair Favorite Cake
 Johnny Kaw Fair Sloppy Joes
 Harvest Fair Chili
 Fair Kitchen Meatloaf
 County Fair Pancakes
 County Fair Elephant Ears
 County Fair Barbecue Sandwiches
 Funnel Cakes

And Many More Great Recipes...


You don't have to what for the fair to come to town to enjoy one of these Delicious Favorites, Just whip up any Mouth-Watering Fair Recipe to bring life to any party. Never have a boring party or lunch again!


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Fairy food is a crisp toffee candy traditionally coated in chocolate. It gets its unique crispy texture by adding baking soda and vinegar to a sugar syrup at a precise part in the cooking process.

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From birthday parties, to baking at home with the family, Fairy Margarine is ideal for baking cakes, puddings, icings, Anzac biscuits and more. Fairy is with exceptional quality remains true to its heritage.

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