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Dear Cookie Lover,

Our cookies recipes from scratch guideWhen it is time to bake cookies, we usually think that it is complicated, that it takes a lot of time. In one word : that it is not worthwhile ! We will show you hereunder that it is simply not true. Baking cookies is easy, fast and, most important, fun. Come and join all our readers who decided to give it a try and now, just cannot stop trying to find new recipes, new ways of preparing delicious cookies for all occasions.

It is Christmas time and you decide to bake some cookies. You never did it and you think that it might be complicated. It certainly takes long to prepare and you will need a lot of ingredients. Which ones ? Where to find the exact quantities ? How will it come out ? Will the children like them? We also asked those exact questions....and some more ! We found answers and we bring them to you for a fast and easy review.

Our homemade chocolate chip cookie recipes guide

Contrary to what we usually think, it is not at all difficult to bake cookies. We find great recipes with the exact ingredients and quantities. We just have to follow them step by step. The result will be delicious cookies that will please the children...and their parents !

We can even find non-bake recipes. That is really easy and fast to prepare! You could organize the preparation of those cookies with the children. They love to give a hand and to taste those great cookies afterwards.

We can prepare cookies with almost any ingredient. Just name it : Chocolate comes first to mind but we can also prepare cookies with granola, with pumkin, etc. You will discover recipes that were used a lot by our grandmothers and you will retrieve the smells of your childhood.

Our cookies recipes without brown sugar guide

Imagine taking out the hot cookies that you prepared from the oven. Your kitchen, and maybe your house, smells like it used to when you mother or your grandmother prepared cookies. Imagine how the whole family will enjoy eating those great cookies that you prepared.

It is much easier to prepare cookies, baking them or even non-baking them, than it is usually thought. I put a lot of recipes and information on one site for you to review. On this site, recipes are added daily ! Information about baking and even cooking is given several times a day.



The Big Book Of Cookies

The Big Book Of Cookies book

Everybody loves cookies. Is there anyone without a memory of their favorite fresh from the oven cookies with milk?

With The Big Book Of Cookies  you can bring back these great memories or create some new ones, and with The Big Book Of Cookies  you will have over 200 cookie recipes to chose from.

Whether for holiday treats or just to fill the cookie jar, you will find a cookie that will fill the bill. From the old-fashioned, most requested to the newest and easiest bar cookies, this collection has it all!

Whatever kind of cookie you're looking for, you'll find it in The Big Book Of Cookies.

Here are just a few of the delicious cookie recipes you will find:

 Almond Bonbons
 Animal Cookies
 Applesauce-Granola Cookies
 Banana-Nut Bars
 Black-Eyed Susans
 Brownie Crinkles
 Candy Corn Shortbread
 Caramel Apple Cookies
 Chocolate Drop Cookies
 Christmas Cookie Slices
 Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Double Peanut Cookies
 Dream Bars
 Frosted Banana Bars
 Fudgy Layer Squares
 Giant Colorful Candy Cookies
 Lemon Cream Oat Bars
 Malted Milk Cookies
 No-Bake Honey-Oat Bars
 No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares
 Old-Fashioned Rum-Raisin Cookies

And Hundreds More!

The Big Book Of Cookies is the last cookie recipe collection you will ever need. This is just a sample of the great recipes you will find in the big book of cookies with over 200 delicious cookie recipes. Don't waste your time on recipes you aren't sure about.


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With all the delicious recipes that are included in The Big Book Of Cookies, the price tag for an ebook like this could be quiet costly.  But I wanted it to be available to everyone at a reasonable price.  Thats why Im offering it to you at the exclusive low price of $4.95

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Rosanna Chandler

P.S. With this complete cookie recipes ebook you will have all the delicious home made cookie recipes you can ever want. So spoil you family, friends and loved one with these amazing recipes which you can prepare right from the comfort of your home kitchen!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What makes cookies nice and chewy?

Well, the long and short answer to chewy cookies is it's all about the moisture content. Cookies that are dense and chewy incorporate more moisture into the batter. This can be achieved by making substitutions with ingredients, or even just changing the way you incorporate certain ingredients.

What makes cookies crunchy or soft?

How to Make Crispy Cookies. While brown sugar keeps your cookies moist and soft, white sugar and corn syrup will help your cookies spread and crisp in the oven. Using more white sugar in your cookies will result in a crispier end product. To achieve a crispy cookie, skip the rest in the fridge.

Is it better to use butter or shortening for cookies?

Which One Should I Use in Cookies? Basically, cookies made with butter spread more and are flatter and crisper if baked long enough. However, they are more flavorful than cookies made with shortening. Cookies made with shortening bake up taller and are more tender, but aren't as flavorful.